Module 1

Promotion of Sexual Health

Module 2

Development of Sexual Education and Teenage sexuality

Module 3


Module 4


Module 5

Drugs that cause Sexual Dysfunction

Module 6

History Taking

Module 7

Male and Female Anatomy, Sexual Response Cycle

Module 8

Male Sexual Dysfunction

Module 9

Female Sexual Dysfunction

Module 10

Pregnancy and Sexuality

Module 11

Religion, Culture, Tradition

Module 12

Disability /Chronic illnesses And Sex

Module 13

The couple with Infertility and Sexual Dysfunction

Module 14

HIV, STI's and Sexuality

Module 15


Module 16

Cardio Metabolic Syndrome and Sexual Health

Module 17

Sexual abuse, Anger Management and Domestic Violence

Module 18

LGBT and Sexuality

Module 19

Sex Therapy

Module 20

Tools for talking about Sex

Module 21

Cancer and sexuality

Module 22


Module 23

Sexual Disorders and NOS